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OhGK! - Philippines

Danilo Ablen
2017-10-12 21:25
Venture location: Philippines

OhGK! aims to be a catalyst of spreading naturally healthy and enjoyable food and beverages for all while providing sustainable livelihood to farmers all over the world.

Our farm is also home to various nationalities. Much of the population are Europeans- especially French, whom stays for months and years. We also have Malaysians and
Japanese among others. The farm is operated by a team that consists of young adults from different backgrounds.

The drink I’m producing and selling was made possible through whole community of GK Enchanted Farm. A year ago, one of the mothers of our community was tasked by our uncle, Uncle Tito, to experiment Oregano as a health drink due to its rich nutrients and positive effects towards respiratory discomfort. After trying the drink, we saw the potential to improve the taste and not to mention its business potential. Given our mothers no longer have the capacity to expand the drink, we took on the duty to stabilize it, look and work with partners that can help us scientifically and methodologically test our product in order to fit food requirements and regulations.

Our health drink also provides income to the community of the farm. All the raw materials of OhGK are provided by my colleagues from SEED Philippines and our production team
receives an allowance. Without us knowing, our health drink also becomes a convergence of the top and bottom of the pyramid working together. Our team consists of foreign interns and graduates from the top universities of Philippines as they have management expertise and fantastic ideas. This only shows that the privileged also have
kind hearts.

For our team, this is only the start. There are over 3,800 Gawad Kalinga villages all over the country filled with people who have created their own versions of healthy food and
beverages that only requires the use of herbs and plants from their backyard and farms. We want to work together with these individuals, study the health benefits of the produce
they make and start introducing it to a bigger market- in return, they receive royalties and provide a better life for their families.

When the marginalized families in our country cannot afford medicine, they look at their homes and see what they alternative they can come up with. True enough, much of the
tropical herbs we have been blessed with have health benefits. Thus, we dream of produce healthy food and beverages that adds the touch of mother’s care to nurture its family. Currently, we want to show its possible to introducing our current health drink, OhGK! Our target is to produce 10,000 bottles a month in seven years’ time, with 30% of the profit
given back its founder- the GK Enchanted Farm.

The drink is only the start, we want to build an Oregano house- that will be a venue filled with various healthy produce that can be enjoyed by all. We’re developing a sustainable
platform, the product is there and now, it’s the people. This is my way to help end poverty not only to us and other families in the community.

Watch video of the venture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEA13ziQDpU