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Internship Philippines

Joseph Navarro
2017-10-12 21:11
Venture Location: Philippines

The purpose of the venture is to connect both senior high school and college students with companies and organizations that have internship opportunities local (Philippines) and abroad.

The private sector plays a very important role during the Senior High years where students will do immersion, internships, and other supplemental training in various companies and organizations for them to learn from actual workplace experience. However, schools that offers senior high have difficulty of looking for companies or organizations that are willing to accept interns. The reason for this is that most companies are not use to have or get interns that are high school level.

As an initial solution we created a Facebook group that anyone can post internship opportunities in 2015. After two years this Facebook group has a membership of more than 1,000 and the content is generated by the members already. Given the growth of membership and the need of internship opportunities we felt that we can provide a better solution if we start a social venture so that it becomes more sustainable.

The venture will generate revenue by through companies registered in the Internship Philippines website:

 Priority in posting/announcement of internship opportunities
 Membership category
 Company features

 Program manage an internship program for companies
 Studies related to internship experience and how companies can benefit
 Pre-internship training for companies

The expected social effects include:

a) Immediate effect: Senior High School students will have easy access to the potential company or organizations that can provide internship opportunities. Companies will also be aware of senior high school and the change in curriculum. Given this you level the playing field for students in terms of access to internship opportunities
b) Midterm effect: Companies are more confident to accept interns from senior high school and can provide feedback on what else some skills that schools can develop in terms of the skills needed by the companies.
c) Long term effect: School curriculum can be more responsive to the needs of the industry.

See video of the venture: https://youtu.be/AgJo_V017dY

Check out the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/125980111116854/