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Empowering Young Athletes - Nepal

Ranjan Shrestha
2017-10-12 20:56
Venture location: Nepal

"Empowering Young Atheletes" is planned to be a Multi Sports Club to create a job opportunities for young unemployed athletes as well as provide healthy sports lives to young children in Nepal.

In Nepal, a lot of people who have skills are jobless and doing nothing. It is a great danger to the society as the empty mind is a devil house where lots of wrong thoughts can rise.
There are sports players who have great sports skills but cannot find job opportunities. If both do organized efforts and/or services that help to improve and advance social well being. Social services can be providing meals, shelter, food, clothing, programs for youth and adults, health care, ability/disability services, language interpretation and translation and others. This project help them into jobs, lead them with positive mind and attitudes, and support them to get out of poverty and dream for better future with sports skills they have. This is the being of new things from sports this project will help the society to decrease social effect, not only the social effect if they go work putting hand on hand they can do so many social work, environment protection, and many more......

This project is focused not only on job creation, but also helping the society to become healthier and more sound by introducing martial arts. Martial arts teach discipline and self-
control, which helps people to bring positive thoughts. There is a saying that though one stick is easily broken, many sticks put together are hard to be broken. Like this, the more
people get into sports and enjoy healthy life, the more positive energy will be spread into a society.

-- Context of the Social Venture --

Taekwondo, the old martial art of South Korea was introduced in Nepal in 1983. When a group of taekwondo team performed taekwondo demonstration in Nepal, the Nepalese government introduced the sports as training activity for the Nepal Police and Nepalese Army. Soon after, taekwondo was accepted as an open sport discipline for every Nepalese citizen. The founder of 2 the Nepal Taekwondo Association is Mr. Deep Raj Gurung, who registered taekwondo in the Nepal Sports Council and still looks after all the works. National taekwondo players belong to the Nepal Taekwondo Association and comply its rules and regulations. They get a chance to be trained by coaches appointed by the association. There are a number of national players who play taekwondo, but they often find difficulty with economic constraints as playing taekwondo does not give them much financial reward. Hundreds of national players have left their membership to earn a living. Most of them even left Nepal to find a job for money. This suggests an issue that national sports players tend to leave after a short period of time. Still there are many national players who have interest in keep practicing the sport, want to earn a living, and do something good for the country with their taekwondo skills and knowledge. Their desire and vision are often discouraged by their poor family backgrounds which force them to leave taekwondo and help family earn money. Not only problems of Taekwondo others sport of Nepal are facing the same problems. This situation made me think of constructing a multi sports club where young retired sports players earn their living and Nepali children can learn various martial arts for their health and fun.

Watch video about the venture: https://youtu.be/bdwN3uml5vM