“We support seed money, recruiting volunteers, execute administrative process for every student, professor, staff to practice ‘Love in Action’ which contributes to solving social problems by establishing social venture, carrying forward project and domestic/foreign volunteer works.”

Volunteer Works

Volunteer work is the closest activity among many activities done in Hanyang University to the founding philosophy ‘Love in Action’
As volunteer work is mandatory course for graduation, Hanyang University evaluates volunteer work highly important as student can practice the founding philosophy through the volunteer work

Hanyang University classifies all volunteer works by SDGs to let members know to which item among 17 SDGs they can contribute by their activity so that members keep volunteer work spontaneously and to achieve social contribution and accomplish SDGs at once.

Proceeded volunteer work

1. Ten Spoon One Bowl

‘Ten Spoon One Bowl’ is a program through which students volunteer to work 1-2 hours per week at the university cafeterias, using their time in-between classes. Instead of getting paid for their work, students receive meal tickets and donate them for students who cannot afford them. The key idea of this program is that we can collect one spoon from 10 students, then 10 spoons of rice collected can make one bowl of rice for another student in need. This sharing and caring program was initiated by a student who took the social entrepreneurship class in September 2014. Since then, the program has been expanded to other universities, and now more than 1,000 students from 27 universities across the nation are participating. Approximately 12,700 tickets have been delivered to approximately 600 vulnerable fellow students.

2. Global volunteer work in Nepal_2017.02.13 ~ 2017.02.20

To support the social venture ‘Eco-Farmket’ which is founded by student of Hanyang University and Bisam Gyawali from Nepal constructing toilets ‘ECOSAN’ and give consulting, students, researchers and professors went to Nepal for volunteer work.

3. Attaching sliding-proof tapes to prevent elderly from falling accident_2016.12.02 ~ 2016.12.17

80% of the accidents that occur frequently to the elderly are from sliding. As there are many elderly and slopes near the university, students carried forward a volunteer work attaching sliding-proof tapes on roads and aisles that have highly risk for sliding.

4. HappyBean volunteer work_2016.11.25 ~ 2016.11.26

Visiting senior citizens who live alone in the country, professors, staffs, students helped preparing wintering
Location : Hyanglee village, Budong-myeon, Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongbuk, Korea
Activities : Attaching paper weather strip, covering windows with vinyl, preventing outside water pipe from freeze, talking with elderly, other activities for reorganizing the village

Ten Spoon One Bowl

Ten Spoon One Bowl

Global volunteer work in Nepal

Attaching sliding-proof tapes

HappyBean volunteer work

HappyBean volunteer work