“We support seed money, recruiting volunteers, execute administrative process for every student, professor, staff to practice ‘Love in Action’ which contributes to solving social problems by establishing social venture, carrying forward project and domestic/foreign volunteer works.”


Projects refer social contribution/innovation activities that are planned by students, professors and staffs members.
Social Innovation Center supports projects actively to offer chances to develop planning ability, leadership by proceeding every social contribution/innovation activity that is helpful to achieve SDGs not just participating in pre-prepared program passively.

Processes to get support are as follows
Social Innovation Center and LINC Foundation evaluate the project plan submitted and notice the result to the planners.

Major projects

Feel the SDGs
Planners : Lee Ji-su(Sports Industry), Jang Hye-rin(Information System)

1. Why

① Settling SDGs in daily life
② Improvement of consciousness to the level of not having repulsion to SDGs

2. What

① Promoting the project by posters at each colleges and progressing events
② Attaching ‘SDGs action card’ at each college bulletin board

3. Expected effects

① Growth of critical mind about global issues
② Strengthen status of SDGs leading university
③ Encouraging practice in daily life

Youth Change Makers
Planners : Choi Na-eun(Business Administration), Park Chan-young(Nursing)

1. Why

To let youth understand the way how Changemakers approach to problems and concepts of SDGs as Youth will take large possession in economy in the future and achieving SDGs by 2030.

2. What

It’s a workshop for 1 semester led by high school students, each team practice method drawing social problem and solution, diagnosing community problem, and suggesting actual improvement plans or alternatives.

3. Mission

Spreading SDGs and culture of social innovation to Youth and community innovation let by youth applying SDGs

Guidebook for mentoring
Planners : Shim Young-woo(Philisophy)

1. Why

It is a project started from a concern whether mentors from Hanyang University participating various mentoring programs are actually qualified to be mentors, providing effective mentoring to mentees

2. What

Distributing guidebook about qualification that mentors have to hold, method to deal with problems that mentors can encounter during mentoring, and excellent cases to mentors that just began mentoring.

3. Expectancy effects

Constructing environment for both mentor and mentee can grow together and proceeded mentoring program by matching pre-educated mentees to mentors

Digital marketing for social ventures
Planners : Lee Jae-myung(Business Administration), Sung Yong-jae(Business Administration)

1. When

28th Mar, 2017 ~ 4th May, 2017

2. Where

Innovation Lab & Yokohama, Japan

3. What

① Completing developing website which will be used as digital marketing platform by Innovation Lab
② Suggesting domestic marketing plan or promoting products which are made from social ventures plan using digital marketing platform at the last day of AYF in Yokohama, Japan by pre-researching about the 5 global social ventures.
③ Why : To provide chances to practice actual marketing job using digital marketing platform and use their expert knowledge building unfamiliar global marketing plans by aligning goals of Innovation Lab and Social Innovation Center
④ Innovation Lab, Social Innovation Center, and newly launching social ventures are going to build relation of cooperation for effective promotion and public relation

Feel the SDGs

Feel the SDGs

Youth Change Makers

Youth Change Makers