“We support seed money, recruiting volunteers, execute administrative process for every student, professor, staff to practice ‘Love in Action’ which contributes to solving social problems by establishing social venture, carrying forward project and domestic/foreign volunteer works.”

1. Daetris

  • founder
    Choi Gyu-seon(Economics and Finance)

Staion208 is a donation solution company for NGOs’ fund-raising campaign. Once their clients ask them to build a solution, they make customized contents based on the theme of the particular campaign.
The goal of Station208 is to help clients achieve their fund-raising goals effectively, on time, while they enhance their public image.

Project ‘DAETRIS’

Installed a donation tower called ‘DAETRIS’ in Wangsimni station. Three faces of this tower are composed of LCD monitors, which show a falling metaphors indicating the themes of the donation. The themes for this project are ‘no poverty’, ‘good health and well-being’, ‘quality education’ and ‘clean water and sanitation’, which are goals of UN SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals).

Impact of the Project

Easy – Since the default donation amount is \300, it lowers the barrier for individual donators to join easily.
Fast – It use the NFC function of transportation card so donators do not need to undergo complicated process.
Fun – There is an interacting content to attract donators and give them feedback when they donate.

2. L.A.F.E

  • founder
    Kim Dong-hwan(Business Administration)
  • Cofounder
    Han Kyeong-soo(Business Administration), Kim Bo-kyung(Financial Management), Pa Park Ji-won(German language and literature), Cha Su-jung(Economics and Finance)

L.A.F.E supports independent financial self-reliance of university students through finance education and counseling from visiting lecturers with Kidari bank.


1. Finance education and counseling
① Systematic advice to the problems that students encountered with the point of view of third party.
② Enlarging utility of campus life through continuous education and temporary financial support.
③ Preventing long-term risk caused by poor management of finance.

2. Lectures from visiting lecturers
① Strengthen accessibility and professionalism to the education by visiting lecturers

Expectancy effects

1. Financial stabilization of students
2. Recovering independence of student
3. Contribution to the community and spread of selfless finance

3. TambangTambang

  • founder
    Shin Kang-soo(Policy Science)
  • Cofounder
    Lee Dong-gyu(Policy Science), Kim Na-yeon(Applied arts), Yoo Eun-seo(Applied arts), No Woong-gi(Sports Industry)

TambangTambang is augmented reality game for exploring university museum and history museum entertainingly. With the concept of silhouette, users can get information and knowledge easily and play game looking for object that can be fitted to the required silhouette while users go around to the museum or history museum at the same time.

Expectancy effects

1. New education program : TambangTambang can be a new format of education that didn’t existed before providing educational game that can be played easily and entertainingly.
2. High role integrity of user : Users can improve their concentration and learning effect by viewing museum and playing the game at the same time
3. Inbreathing historical awareness : Statistically low historical awareness of Korean youth can be improved.

4. Ticket Univ

  • founder
    KO Ji-weon(Vocal music)
  • Cofounder
    Hwang Ha-seok(Vocal music)

Ticket Univ is a ticket platform that links audience with students of art, music, physical educaiton. The purpose of Ticket Univ is to offer chances to experience and enjoy various cultures by supplying information of performances, creative events to youth and making environment that future artists can find and prove their talent by connecting school and youth who are interested in culture to students of art, music, physical school who don’t have enough audience to play and chances to perform.

Expectancy effects

For Youth : Provide youth who have concern about their future chances to experience culture easily
For University students : Can have plenty of chances to perform
For society : Improvement of art/performance diversity and accessibility

5. Gohac for teaching

‘Gohac for teaching’ is a service that tries to solve poverty issue for university students that government, local governments, universities have difficulties to solve. It aims to solve inequality problem in private education that is biased to high-income brackets by reallocating revenue and infra to give private education chance to low-income brackets and make private education take right place.
Additionally, Gohac for teaching tries to create positive culture that both university and community win by sharing infra that leads community to develop.

Service flow

1. University students upload planned lectures on the platform
2. Middle, high school students choose appropriate lecture and attend class. (Saturday/Sunday, Near university)

Revenue flow / Society restoration structure




Ticket Univ

Ticket Univ

Gohac for teaching

Gohac for teaching