“We are eager to making ecosystem that innovative ideas are interacted in various way through joining Ashoka U, building relations of cooperation with international organizations including ADB, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, strengthening relationship with social ventures, NGOs, social enterprises, holding 17 Hearts Festival.”

Sungsu Valley

Sungsu valley is a social enterprise cluster located in Sungsu-dong, Seoul. It is developed as a hub that connects and supports people who lead social innovation revealing its identity ‘town of social innovation’ ever since NGOs, social enterprises, youth ventures have gathered in Sungsu-dong in 2012

The long-term target of Sungsu Valley is to train Youth Changemaker and it pursues the same value as the founding philosophy of Hanyang University, ‘Love in Action’.

Hanyang University provides education, business practice, career chances to train Changemakers who can solve problems of community and world through close cooperation with Sungsu valley which already strengthened its position in the social innovation area and is very close geographically from Hanyang University.

Major partners

1. Donggubat

Donggubat is a social venture start–up founded by 4 university students in 2014 to offer jobs to disabled in order to solve problems in the way of enterprise. At first, Donggubat hoped them to be urban farmers but it found another value in the process of being friends with each other. So they have developed into a social enterprise which tries to change the life of developmental disabilities by offering chances to grow vegetable garden with volunteers.
Hanyang University is running Donggubat program as regular volunteer course starting from 2nd semester, 2016 to add positive value to society and solve to solve employment problems of developmental disabilities.


JUMP which is an abbreviation of ‘Join Us to Maximize our Potential’, tries to actualize value of sharing and diversity through training future youth leader and enlarging opportunities of education for low-income bracket and emigrated youth. For this, JUMP not only selects outstanding university students who can be a mentor for the children of low-income or multicultural family after school but also give another mentoring program for university students from adult members of society who is working in specific fields to resolve deepening education gap. By building virtuous rings consist of Youth-University student-adult, JUMP tries to resolve social/economic inequality and makes environment which allows everyone to have equal opportunities. Also, they are working on research, lectures and social economy co-operations.
Hanyang University has joint the mentoring program of JUMP since 2017 to realize donation for education not for just delivering knowledge, for the mentoring that both mentor and mentee can grow together.

3. Root Impact

Root Impact is an organization which finds, raises, and supports Changemakers who are interested in various social problems and try to solve problems in creative ways. Root Impact has a belief that more Changemakers would solve more social problems. So Root Impact looks for Changemakers in everywhere and gives them capability developing programs which will let them solve problems more effectively. Also it makes infra for Changemakers to continue their activities.
Root Impact and Social Innovation Center established a course ‘Social Innovation Capstone Design’ and are operating the course together to achieve a joint goal of training Changemakers.


MYSC is a specialized social innovation consulting, impact investment organization which has ‘Innovation of co-operation between sectors’(plans and operates consulting, education, investment business based on co-operation understanding cultures of each sector), ‘Innovation focused on human’(providing consulting to define problem newly and develop solution using design-thinking from the perspective of necessity for human-focused point of view that the person directly involved and stakeholders are centered), ‘ Innovation for shared value creation’(shared value from both profit and non-profit that is indwelled in social problems should be made in order to use social problem as a new chance) as 3 innovation strategies.
Hanyang University is running Changemaker workshop and other programs with MYSC to let students know needed competences to be a Changemaker and to give chances to learn.

5. The Bridge

The Bridge is a platform that promotes self-reliance of local enterprisers in developing countries through Impact Donation that refers a concept of combining financial investment and donation. The Bridge emphasises ‘Together’(Pursuing enterprises community that every member has collective intelligence to communicate, co-operate and pursuing true coexistence value through warm innovation), ‘Clear’(reliable impact analysis for smart investment and transparent disclosure of detailed usage of donated fund), ‘Joyful’(voluntary, self-oriented way of working environment with clear motivation and spread of easy and joyful donation culture) as core values.

6. Loopkin

Loopkin came from an idea ‘why there is no innovative leader or company like Google, Apple’. Loopkin thinks that this secret is oriented from culture of unstrained communication, communicating with open-mined which means ‘Design Thinking’. So rather than learning when we are all grown up, Loopkin made a service that provides plays based on design-thinking to young children so that they can, have more excitement when it is time to learn.
Hanyang University and Loopkin are operating design-thinking program 1session/week from 2017 to give opportunity of fulfilling students with the capability of Changemakers themselves by learning problem-solving methods using design-thinking that helps them make their thinking fundamentally changed and improving job competence of the students who determined their career as infant education.

Hanyang University is going to hold a ‘social innovation job fair’ at the 17 Hearts Festival with co-operating social innovation enterprises that are becoming more through social innovation network.



Root Impact


The Bridge