“We are eager to making ecosystem that innovative ideas are interacted in various way through joining Ashoka U, building relations of cooperation with international organizations including ADB, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, strengthening relationship with social ventures, NGOs, social enterprises, holding 17 Hearts Festival.”

Ashoka Changemakers

Changemaker refers to an innovator who makes and leads positive changes to society. Internationally leading universities in this area are building culture and educational system to raise Changemakers more effectively. And these innovative universities organized a league for global social innovation universities called Ashoka U and trying to induce more universities to join.

The founding philosophy of Hanyang University is to train talented individuals with the spirit of ‘Love in Action’, and the purpose of establishment of Ashoka U, training Changemaker, are exactly same. Therefore, Hanyang University is the second university that challenged admission to Ashoka U, among universities in Asia.

For now, Arizona State University, Boston College, Brown University, Colorado college, Cornell University, Duke University, Florida International University, Johns Hopkins University, Northeastern University, Northhampton University and other leading social innovation universities around the world are members of Ashoka U

Processes for admission was not just limited to administrative tasks. Hanyang University was able to concentrate its social innovation capability which was widely spread and reflect plans to strengthen capabilities of social innovation to the medium-and long-term strategies of university.

Essential capabilities to join Ashoka U

In order to become a leading social innovation Chanemaker campus, the university should meet following standards.

Criteria Definition Questions
1. Visionary Leadership Strong senior leadership and Change Leaders with the vision to embed social innovation and changemaking across the institution and beyond. Change Leaders
-Does the institution have two or three Change Leaders with complementary perspectives and influence?
-Do they have the institutional mandate and support to advance social innovation and changemaking across the institution?
-Do they have the characteristics necessary for the position?
-Do they have staff time adding up to at least one full-time equivalent?
Senior Leadership Champions
-Does the senior leadership fully support social innovation and changemaking as a key priority of the institution, including support from Deans, VPs, Trustees, etc?
-Are their mission and vision align with Ashoka’s EACH vision?
-Are the ideas and values of social innovation and changemaking publicly endorsed and embedded, or planning to be embedded, into the strategic plan?
-Are they eager to play a leading role in advancing social innovation and changemaking in higher education?
2. Innovation and Excellence in Changemaker Education Access to and support for high-quality curricular and co-curricular programming and research that is innovative/adapts existing models of excellence in new ways. Curriculum
-Does the institution have opportunities for students to learn about changemaking through at least one introductory course and at least two advanced courses that are open to all students and have been in place for at least 6 months?
-Does the institution show innovation and excellence in curricular programming?
-Does the institution have at least two co-curricular social innovation programs that have been in place for at least 6 months?
-Do to co-curricular programs show innovation and excellence?
Research (Optional)
-Does the institution produce research and thought leadership in the field?
-Does the institution provide financial support or academic incentives for cross-disciplinary applied research?
3. Institutional Culture and Operations An institutional culture and operations that show the institution’s social and environmental consciousness and commitment to social impact. Cultural Alignment, Awareness, and Engagement
-Is changemaking a core part of the institutional identity?
-Does the institution have a unified language and understanding of changemaking?
-Are there comprehensive and cross-departmental programmatic avenues for students, staff, and faculty?
Change Team and Coordinating Structure for Social Innovation and Changemaking
-Does the institution have a Change Team that includes members from diverse perspectives within the institution’s community, including faculty, administrators, students, community partners, etc.?
-Does the team meet regularly with clear goals for advancing social innovation, changemaking?
Social and Environmentally Conscious Operations
-Does the institution have a commitment to inclusion and diversity?
-Does the institution have a commitment to sustainability?
-Does the institution have mutually beneficial community relationships and partnerships?
Faculty and Staff Support for Changemaker Education
-Does the institution help faculty and staff grow their expertise and innovate the curriculum and co-curriculum?
Financial Resources
-Does the institution provide financial resources to support social innovation’s growth, the hiring of staff, and the development of coordinating mechanisms?
-Does the institution have a robust, multi-year funding model to support social innovation in future years?
4. Major Contribution to the Field of Social Innovation and Changemaking in Higher Education a. A major contribution to the field of social innovation and changemaking in higher education

b. A commitment to collaborate with the Changemaker Campus Network, Ashoka Fellows, the Ashoka network and other strategic partners.

Focus on Learning, Iteration and Impact Measurement
-Does the institution show evidence of rapid learning and feedback loops when creating new initiatives, improving or creating new curricular and co-curricular programming, measuring impact and tracking student learning outcomes?
-Is social innovation and changemaking impact measurement a priority for the institution?
Major Contribution and Field Building
-Is the institution able to a major contribution to the Changemaker Campus Network?
-Is the institution eager and able to make a major commitment to field building activities?
Commitment to an Everyone a Changemaker World
-Is the institution eager to collaborate to contribute to an Everyone a Changemaker world?
-Does the institution have a desire to reframe the role of universities as a force for social impact?

Hanyang University will keep strengthening its position in the social innovation area and will keep improving the social innovative capabilities of members through co-hosting education programs, exchanging innovative capability, sharing excellent social innovation cases with global social innovation universities network enlarged by joining Ashoka U.