“We are eager to making ecosystem that innovative ideas are interacted in various way through joining Ashoka U, building relations of cooperation with international organizations including ADB, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, strengthening relationship with social ventures, NGOs, social enterprises, holding 17 Hearts Festival.”

17 Hearts Festvial

In November 2016, Hanyang University held 17 Hearts Festival which is a celebration that collects various social innovation activities and shares so far achievement of social innovation with local adolescent, international/domestic university students and youth.

17 Hearts Festival consists of presenting excellent social contributions done by youth, social venture idea competition, SDGs workshop, social venture job festival so that participants can have opportunities to share their experiences, ideas with participants from different countries, ages and search for their future careers.

Major program

‘For youth’

Adolescent can actually experience and feel the fact that every field including technology, art and science can contribute to social innovation so that they can think and promise themselves what they can do to achieve SDGs

‘For neighbors’

Though the festival, Hanyang University strengthen fellowship with local communities by running a cafeteria called Haenuri that hires development disabilities and fund-raising through a small sum donation platform called Daetris which is the first social venture of Hanyang University that was suggested by a student.

Social venture idea competition

Foreign participants who were selected by pre-document evaluation including received social business plans are given a chance to present their ideas that can solve the problems in developing countries fundamentally, sustainably. And if there is one or more students who want to be a co-founder of the social ventures, supporting agreement for seed money, business consulting are proceeded after concrete and specific evaluations.

SDGs workshop

It is an interaction workshop that gives importance of achieving SDGs and explains reason why youth should lead it by sharing cases that youth contributed to achieving SDGs and giving basic knowledge of SDGs through international organization, ADB, AIESEC that are familiar with SDGs. It also gives a chance to think and promise what youth should do by themselves.

Event schedule

  • 4th quarter each year
  • Selection of invited foreign delegates on September, October

17Heartsfestival in 2016(the lastest)

Date Key activities Location Conducting organization
9th Nov Opening Keynote HIT Room.612 Hanyang Univeristy
Youth Speak HIT Room.612 Hanyang Univeristy
Korean Traditional Musical “Arirang” HIT Room.612 Hanyang University
Art Fusion Center
Youth Social innovation to Achieve SDGs HIT Room.612 UNDP
Idea competition HIT Room.612 Social innovation Center
LINC foundation
UNESCO University Campaign HIT Room.604 UNESCO
Creativity Camp Session HIT Room.606 Creativity Camp
10th Nov Idea competition HIT Room.612 Social innovation Center
LINC foundation
ADB Session HIT Room.612 ADB
UN Organization Session HIT Room.612 UN Organization
ADB SDGs Campaign HIT Room.604 ADB
Creativity Camp Session HIT Room.606 Creativity Camp
11th Nov AIESEC Session HIT Room.612,604,606, 608 AIESEC Korea
12th Nov Volunteering Asan BCPF Contents School ASAN City
BCPF Contents School