“Through revising existing social innovation curriculum system and reinforcing accessibility, HUGE enables each student to find career related to their field.
HUGE seeks to foster Changemakers who perform global social innovation by providing social innovation curriculum and majors through cooperation with social innovative companies.”

Track and
Fusion major

Introduction to track, fusion major and composition

Degree of social innovation fusion major will be given if students who expertly want to learn and practice spirit of sharing, the founding philosophy of Hanyang University, complete 3 social innovation micro majors

Social innovation fusion major composition

Micro field Must complete at least 12 credits in social innovation courses
Minor field Must complete at least 24 credits in social innovation courses
Multi-field Must complete at least 36 credits in social innovation courses

Social innovation courses for undergraduate

Startup basic: Social Entrepreneurship(VEN2014)

Startup Practice : Social Enterprise and Startup(VEN3003)

Startup Practice : Capstone Design(VEN4001)

Startup Practice1(VEN3006)

Startup Practice2(VEN3007)

Practicum on Social Innovation(BUS4107)

Startup Basic : Startup and Entrepreneurship(VEN2001)


New Venture Creation(BUS3039)

Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation(ITC4001)

New Venture Creation(BUS4041)

Intermediate Accounting1(BUS1003)

Financial Reporting and Analysis(ECO1021)

Cost Accounting(ACC3001)

Intermediate Accounting 2(BUS1004)

Managerial Accounting(ACC3003)


Financial Statement Analysis(BUS2022)

Marketing Management(BUS2003)

Marketing Research(BUS3007)

Consumer Behavior(BUS3014)

Marketing Strategy(BUS3026)

Startup Basic: Design Thinking(VEN2005)

Startup Basic : Idea Development for Startup(VEN2004)

Startup Basic:Understanding and utilizing of 3D Printing(VEN3010)

Startup basic:Understanding of Culture and Art Industry(VEN3011)

Startup Basic: Business Strategies of Successful Korean Entrepreneurs(VEN2009)

Advanced Startup : Field Study of Hidden Champions(VEN4002)

Advanced Startup: Actual Startup Workshops(VEN2002)

Startup practice: Campus CEO(VEN3005)

Startup Practice: 3D PRINTING START-UP(VEN3012)

Advanced Startup:Global Startup Seminar(VEN3008)

Sustainability Management(BUS4023)

Business Ethics and Sustainability Management(BUS4105)


International Marketing(INT3004)

Marketing Research Methodology(BUS5012)

Advertising & Promotion(BUS3049)

Distribution Channel Management(BUS4070)

Service Marketing(BUS3080)

Asian Business and Marketing(BUS3094)

Global Brand Management(BUS3071)

Organizational Behavior(BUS3003)

Personnel Management(BUS3004)

Human Resource Development(BUS2062)

Operations Management(BUS2034)

Business Statistics Applications(BUS1062)

Service Operations Management(BUS4017)

Logistics Management(BUS3016)

Quality Management(BUS3021)

Supply Chain & Logistics Management(BUS3103)

Management Information Systems(BUS4005)

Technology and Management(BUS5010)

Introduction to Business Data(BUS2064)

Internet and E-Business(BUS2071)

Business Trend(BUS1054)

Management Data Mining(BUS3099)

Artificial Intelligence and Business(BUS3107)

Mobile Business Plan(BUS3108)

Mobile Business Development(BUS3109)

IT Business and New Business Development(BUS4082)

Social innovation courses for graduate student

Every spring, fall applying season

Micro field 1

‘Micro field 1’ will be given to students who completed 12 credits in social innovation courses vitally including social business entrepreneurship, social innovation capstone design, understanding of social innovation.

Micro field 2

If students complete Changemaker Action Learning additionally, ‘Micro field 2’ will be given.

Micro field 3

Students can register various courses selectively that practice ‘Love in Action’ completing Social Innovation Track or Impact Business Track that are similar to Micro field 1, 2

Recruiting Schedule

Every spring, fall applying season