“Through revising existing social innovation curriculum system and reinforcing accessibility, HUGE enables each student to find career related to their field.
HUGE seeks to foster Changemakers who perform global social innovation by providing social innovation curriculum and majors through cooperation with social innovative companies.”

Action Learning

Hanyang University and social innovation companies co-manage this program to foster Changemakers. This program is provided to students who completed Social Innovation Capstone Design course or studnets who want to acquire social innovation fusion major.

Student can complete the course by choosing between long term field practice connecting field practice system by term in Hanyang University or selective 4+1 graded school system.

* About long term field practice and selective 4+1 graded school system

Category Semester Register Status Register Graduation completion semester Credit Acceptance Course Registration
Long term field practice Regular semester enrollment Mandatory Acceptable Admitted to credits to graduate Not available
Selective 4+1grade system Regular semester enrollment Unregistered/commission payment Not acceptable Not admitted to credits to graduate Not available

Program Composition

Choose one among three action learnings

Action Learning 1

  • Project
  • Field practice in social enterprise

Action Learning 2

  • Establish social venture
  • Field practice in social enterprise

Action Learning 3

  • Internship in International organizations
  • Medium-term global volunteering

Action Learning 1

Based on the project proceeded during the completing the Social Innovation Capstone Design course, students can realize and spread the project by taking field practice at relevant organization

Action Learning 2

After designing own social venture that can help solving social problems through courses including social business entrepreneurship, understanding of social innovation, students can enlarge and actualize their business by taking field practice at existing innovation enterprises.

Action Learning 3

Students can improve their capability of defining global issues and deriving solution through medium-term global volunteering and internship in international organizations including ADB

Recruiting Schedule

Every spring, fall applying season