“Through revising existing social innovation curriculum system and reinforcing accessibility, HUGE enables each student to find career related to their field.
HUGE seeks to foster Changemakers who perform global social innovation by providing social innovation curriculum and majors through cooperation with social innovative companies.”

Social Venture Youth Exchange

SVYE is a social venture youth exchange program started since February, 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The theme is ‘Create, Test, Launch : Innovation for a Better World’ and this program is co-hosted by Hanyang University, ASB-MIT, ADB, UYA, MaGIC.

Participants design social enterprises and make business plans for themselves. Participants get a chance to think about how they can contribute to social innovation in this process.

SVYE is a program that aims to introduce the concept of social ventures and what roles social ventures can paly in accomplishing SDGs. It is composed of three process-IDEA, TEST, LAUNCH.

Through this program, participants get a chance to improve their technical capability and social competence such as teamwork, problem solving skills.

Designing social venture models and operation of them help participants to have competitiveness in the employment market.

Program Composition

1. Idea

Suggest ideas and design business models in detail

  • Hosted by Enterprise management center, ASB-MIT, Makerfest is a program which enables students to build basis for digital technology and design foundation.
  • Progress not only focusing on theoretical concept, but also actual practice
  • Consists of developing solution, 3D mechanic design, micro-controller design, basic programming

2. Test

Dispatched to local community, participants find out reality and suitability of models

  • Participants are given opportunities to test their ventures through having partnerships with local NGOs
  • Participants are given opportunities to figure out realistic possibility, and effectiveness of the venture in real business world
  • Participants experience the way to effectively deal with local problems through social ventures.

3. Launch

Launch the final models of social venture to partner organizations, stakeholders and potential investors

  • Give participants opportunities to show their designed models of enterprises and activities to stakeholders in community, enterprises, potential investors
  • Consists of showing achievement of each team, social venture showcase, presentation, award, closing ceremony

Schedule of selecting participants

Every December after announcement and public relations

SVYE in 2017(the lastest)

date Key activities Location Conducting organization
3 February Arrival and team building TBC
4 February Social venture training and MakerFest program ASB-MIT Campus, Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur ASB-MIT
5 February MakerFest ASB-MIT Campus, Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur ASB-MIT
6 February Local immersion Kuala Lumpur UYA
7 February Local immersion Kuala Lumpur UYA
8 February Fieldtrip and preparation for the conference MaGIC Training Centre in Cyberjaya MaGIC
9 February Social venture conference for Youth ASB-MIT Campus, Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur ADB
10 February Tour Kuala Lumpur UYA
11 February Homecoming and dispersal TBC
Total participants : 30 from South Korea, 30 from Malaysia