“Through revising existing social innovation curriculum system and reinforcing accessibility, HUGE enables each student to find career related to their field.
HUGE seeks to foster Changemakers who perform global social innovation by providing social innovation curriculum and majors through cooperation with social innovative companies.”

Asia Pacific Youth Exchange

Asia Pacific Youth Exchange(APYE), started since 2015, is a international exchange program for the youth of Korea and ASEAN nations. They ponder about structural, fundamental solutions that could work as a sustainable development plan and suggest programs to put an idea into action as a result of local investigation and research.

APYE is a program co-hosted by Hanyang University, Asian Development Bank, Urban Youth Academy(UYA) and is composed of learning Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), local investigation and performing project presentation.

It provides overall education from UN organizations and International Development Cooperation Agency regarding the main thesis of Urbanization and Youth, policy proposal session, methodology of problem-solving.

Participants see the scene of slumism, educational alienation, environmental problems for themselves and get the chance to come up with solutions. By doing so, they could cultivate qualities as changemakers who can call for changes in local communities.

Derived innovative ideas go on to following projects such as establishing social ventures with the co-sponsorship of Hanyang University, Asian Development Bank, Urban Youth Academy(UYA).

Recently, Asia Pacific-affiliated international organizations has shown a great interest in outcomes of Hanyang University student-foreign participants’ global social ventures.

Program Composition

1. Leadership training / 2~3days

Project management training led by International organization executives to promote project planning

  • Education for local investigation and research
  • Project management education session and leadership development training
  • Practice teamwork

2. Local Immersion / 7days

Local Immersion for establishing and planning programs to build sustainable development for each local community

  • Local investigation
  • Plan and progress youth led campaign
  • Establish and propose problem-solving projects

3. Presentation and discussion (Youth Conference) / 2days

  • Share best cases
  • Speech session of International organization speaker
  • Feedback of experts from each fields


Since 2017, Hanyang University raises funds of \20,000,000 every year to provide scholarship to foreign participants from Nepal, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Philippines who wish to participate in APYE but has financial difficulties.

Schedule of selecting participants

  • Summer : Every May
  • Winter : Every October, November After announcement/promotion, selection based on certain criteria

APYE in 2017(the latest)

1. APYE Philippines

  • Program schedule : January 4th ~ 15th , 2017
  • Program venue: ADB Headquarter
  • Region : Manila, Sta.Rosa City, Infanta City
  • Number of Participants : 50 Korean participants + 100 local and foreign participants

2. APYE Thailand

  • Program schedule : January 9th ~ January 22th, 2017
  • Program venue : UNDP Bangkok
  • Region : Bangkok, Chiang Mai and one region
  • Number of Participants : 50 Korean participants + 100 local and foreign participants