“Through revising existing social innovation curriculum system and reinforcing accessibility, HUGE enables each student to find career related to their field.
HUGE seeks to foster Changemakers who perform global social innovation by providing social innovation curriculum and majors through cooperation with social innovative companies.”


‘Social Innovation Capstone Design’ is a capstone design course in cooperation with social venture support company ‘Root Impact’. Students can derive solutions for social problems with the help of professional education partners and can be led to starting a new social venture afterwards. Students think of solutions by themselves in the process of project research and implementation with professional partners, and furthermore practicing ‘Love in Action’ by establishing social ventures.

Starting from domestic companies’ awareness and understanding on social issues, students participate in APYE (Asia Pacific Youth Exchange) program which allows them to share opinions with Asia Pacific students on global issues. Participants can improve their problem solving skills and utilizing prototyping, workshops and discussions, and can come up with a solution in the end.
After taking this course, it can be led to Change Maker Action Learning course or social innovation track

Program Composition

This course is a 8-week program that consists of three steps – ‘Intro’, ‘Learning’, ‘Project’. Participants learn methodology for problem analysis and problem solving, and strengthen the ability in the process of conducting practical projects and getting feedback from experts.

During 2-week term between ‘Intro’ and ‘Learning’, participants can improve their global issue-solving capability through social innovation international training program, APYE(Asia Pacific Youth Exchange).

‘Intro’ (3 weeks) : Build social awareness and understanding through workshop and intensive program

  • Raising the understanding of design thinking through home workshop
  • Participating in 2-week APYE(Asia Pacific Youth Exchange) program

‘Learning & Project’ (5 weeks ) : Defining the problem from given social phenomenon and deriving solutions

  • New solution for improvement based on team discussion, prototyping and sympathy with consumers set the proposal as ultimate outcome goal and input of instructor or mentor for support the process
  • Weekly team project based on design and strategic thinking classes
  • Sharing weekly progress, team communication and analyze current situation to specify program goal
  • Using extra-curricular time for observing consumer interviews and assignment prototyping. Write weekly individual essay and give presentation based on peer, expert feedback


APYE entry fee

Support from ADB&UYA, Hanyang University, RootImpact + students sharing of cost

Course educational expenses

Support from RootImpact

Hanyang University supports sharing cost of students who are second-class citizen irrespectively their belonging

Recruiting Schedule

Every summer, winter semester applying season